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Get Involved Water Festival

A collective for water sustainability, justice and harmony.

Lifetide is a creative habitat for learners and practitioners with various abilities to discuss actionable ideas that support children in developing skills to protect, preserve and conserve natural ecosystems.

Get Involved

The idea is to work with nature.


With your change-makers and water workers in your ward.


Lake related challenges and ways of building, protecting and conserving natural ecosystems.


On educational programs on water and ecology with children of the neighbourhood.


Children’s Lake Audit and detailed project report through mixed media arts.

Water Festival

There is always so much more to learn when you are a part of a larger community. While there are always quick solutions, it is important to think collectively about a systemic transformation. We’re hoping that this festival is a reflective and immerse experience for all participants.

Download Lifetide Water Festival 2018 summary


Bangalore is entering the fourth year of drought. What do you suggest we do?

Water and wastewater, with its present mismanagement, has a sound message for us: let’s listen, give it a voice and co-create this journey.

Join The collective.


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