Lifetide Water Festival celebrates the spirit of water through mixed media arts.


Lifetide has an interdisciplinary approach to understanding water and its history from a cultural, social and ecological perspective. A visual narrative of water through art encourages us to reflect on our own lives and our notions of natural resources; here bangalore based artists use various materials and mediums to explore relationships with water.

Historically, humans have been protectors of every drop of water that falls from the sky, seeps into earth and travels back to the sky. In recent decades, management of water has shifted from being localised and holistic to an increasingly centralised system and consumerist culture. In the context of the anthropocene the responsibility becomes even larger as this change is due to humans and can be changed only by humans.

Convening around imagery of water has the potential to foster accountability towards water as a magical, life- giving element responsible for sustaining life and its diversity. Art as a site for creating propositions and activating movement, an important step to mobilise towards water abundance.

The water festival is an annual event initiated by Simar Kohli Das.
Vivek Chockalingam of Walkin Studios is the festival director for Lifetide Water Festival, 2017.
Vivek Amuthan overlooks all the research activities for urban lakes’ rejuvenation program.
Abhishek Hegde is the community manager.

Project Status: Completed

This month long project was supported by Dilip Surana, Bangalore based philanthropist and Mrs. Archana Surana, Managing Trustee, Surana group of Institutions.


Events were held at Bangalore Film Society, Bimba Art Ashram, Walkin Studios and Chunchugatta Lake (JP NAGAR).




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