Lifetide is not for everyone. 

It is first a platform for those who believe that we need to change the way we look at and treat water and have ideas and intentions to impact change. It is secondly a community of people who are committed to water advocacy, conservation and education. It is also a collective of creative professionals that contribute multiple perspectives on water and help refresh online and offline audiences with simple ways of conserving this life giving element. 

Members of Lifetide come from various backgrounds and belief systems. If you find resonance with that which is mentioned below,  we will be happy to have you involved in the collective! 

Love for water
Belief in strength of community 
Respect for individual expression
Responsibility towards protecting watersheds 

What are your duties towards water? Get Involved !

Lifetide is founded by Simar Kohli Das of Riazo Production & Curation House; A solo proprietary soon to become a foundation.